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How to set EA-1 (Download EA-1 setup.exe)


The user can use the setup program provided by AI Control.

You can set the EA-1's mouse pointer speed, scroll speed, and pattern recognition speed.

* Mouse pointer speed can be adjusted horizontally and vertically, and the cursor movement can be changed slowly or quickly.

* You can speed up or slow down the scrolling.

* Pattern recognition speed can speed up or slow down the pattern recognition interval.

Download link:

If you go to the above address, there is a compressed file that you can download at the bottom of the article.

Download the alzip file at the bottom of this post

How to download and install ‘EA-1 Setup.exe’’

1. Click the download link above.

(During download, the file size is large, so when the following guide is displayed, press V->Continue as shown in the picture to proceed with the download.)

2. Unzip the file.

3. Connect the EA-1 to the computer with a cable and connect Bluetooth.

4. Go to 'Device Manager' and click on Ports.

* Right-click on the window display – select Device Manager

5. Check 'Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge (COM number)'.

6. Run the extracted installation file.

7. Select 'COM number' in the combo box and connect.

8. Adjust the 3 settings for your convenience.

You can move the cursor while making adjustments or manipulate it using signals.

9. Exit to save the changed settings. (It is saved automatically when you exit by pressing the Exit button.)

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